I did this quick demonstration on my YouTube channel after showing how to build a quick table easel with three different heights. I was tired of using upturned yoghurt cups and anything I could find to prop up my watercolors while painting wet-in-wet. Finally got around to creating a useful tabel easel.


Granulating Watercolors

My latest Youtube video on granulating watercolors. Hope you find it useful. One can create very intersting landscapes using watercolors that granulate.


I had a request from a student on how to mix browns in watercolor. I hope this video I made will help anyone struggling with browns. I did forget to mention in the video that I often use neutral tint mixed with burnt sienna which makes a lovely warm brown.


Shades Of Winter

I painted this watercolor on a gray day in Sausalito, California. We look out over Richardson bay, which leads into San Fracisco bay. I love the neutral tones of the sky and land on days like this. As you can see, I took a lot of artistic license to make the watercolor more appealing. I wanted to show what one can do with a little imagination. I used only two colors, French ultramarine and quanacridone burnt orange. I did add a little white gouache for texture in the dark landscape area. The inspiration was from this photo below taken from my deck.


Natures Templates

I'm always on a quest to find unique ways to create textures in my paintings and techniques that help to create abstract landscapes in watercolors. After some experimentation, here is a  short Youtube video on my experiments in using nature's templates to create interesting textures in watercolors. Explore ways to use these templates to create abstract watercolor landscapes. I hope you find this useful and would love to hear your comments.


Painting A Simple Sunset

I created this Youtube video on how to paint a simple sunset. I thought by simplifying the composition it would help watercolorist at the beginner level to paint along with me and learn how to mix colors to create a glowing effect.  Hope you enjoy it.


Abstract Landscapes In Watercolor

I  just published my sixth watercolor course. This one was by far the most popular with more than fifty signups the first day. I hit on a niche that seems to be popular - Abstract Landscapes In Watercolor. I have an introductory 25% off for this week if anyone is interested in doing the course - just click on the title in the text.


My latest YouTube video covers using neutrals in watercolor and painting abstracts. I was surprised at the number of visits it received. Made me realize I need to create a course in abstract painting. I also shared my latest brush purchases. I painted this particular abstract using very watered down mixtures of Payne's grey, and indigo mixed with burnt sienna.I used a little salt in the bottom left area and the darks were made by using black indian ink, which always creates an interesting result when the watercolor repels the ink.  It flares out in all directions. For the fine white lines I used a white fine jelly roll pen.


Spending my time off this week painting. Thought I would try something different and see if I can create a decent abstract. Much more difficult than painting an object or scene. I used watercolor, india ink, watercolor pencil and gold goauch pigment. Size 11" x 15".


Abstract Landscape Patterns

I love experimenting with textures. Have some old netting that I bought for this purpose. It worked out quite well in this piece. Also added a few scrapes with a sharp knife to create more texture.